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A human T-cell line established from a patient with T-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The cells express the markers CD3, CD4 but not CD8. The cells are not infected with HTLV I or II.

Kit225 cells express a large amount of IL2 receptors constitutively and their growth is absolutely dependent on IL2 (see also: Factor-dependent cell lines). No other stimuli, such as lectins or antigens, are required for maintaining the responsiveness to IL2.

Burton et al (1994), in an attempt to characterize the interleukin designated IL-T (which is identical with IL15) have found that IL15 supports the proliferation of Kit225 cells.

For an overview of other cell lines used in research on cytokines see: Cell lines in Cytokine Research. For other related/relevant entries see also: Cell types.


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