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tingible body macrophages

abbr. TBM cells. tingible body macrophages are unique, large phagocytic cells that reside in germinal centers of secondary lymphoid tissues in close proximity to antigen-retaining follicular dendritic cells (Flemming, 1885). This cell type contains many phagocytized, apoptotic cells (referred to as tingible bodies) (Flemming, 1885) in various states of degradation (Swartzendruber and Congdon, 1963; Tabe et al, 1996). These cells have been referred to as type 1 phagocytes by Kotani et al (1977).

Tingible body macrophages also act as regulatory cells and endocytose immune-complex coated bodies derived from dendritic cells and thus may be involved in the downregulation of the germinal center reaction.

Tingible body macrophages strongly express MFG-E8, which binds to apoptotic cells by recognizing phosphatidylserine and enhances the engulfment of apoptotic cells. Knock-out mice lacking expression of MFG-E8 carry many unengulfed apoptotic cells in the germinal centers of the spleen, and develop a lupus-like autoimmune disease Hanayama et al (2004, 2006). Baumann et al (2002) have reported that apoptotic cells are not properly cleared by tingible body macrophages of the germinal centers in a sub-group of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.

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